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Email Security Tips

Cyber fraud is on the rise, largely due to compromised email accounts being used to initiate wire fraud and other financial crimes. Global losses from business email compromise scams are projected to exceed $9 billion in 2018*. 

Email account compromised? Here’s how to know

  • Activity records show suspicious login times or unknown locations
  • You receive replies to emails that you did not send
  • The amount of spam messages in your email account increase rapidly

Recover a compromised email account

  • Change your password immediately
  • Run a full computer virus/malware scan

Don’t rely on email. Verify the authenticity of requests in person.

For more email security tips, visit here and also check out what the FBI has to say about it here

Protect your email account

  • Change your password often, and make it complex
  • Enable two-factor authentication for account access
  • Scrutinize email content and avoid anything that looks suspicious
  • Maintain and routinely update an anti-virus/malware program
  • Check Sent Folder and email configuration to ensure automatic forwarding/sent email have been initiated by only you 

* According to Trend Micro. More details here

Source: First American Title



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