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Tech Tip - DocuSign® Mark Up

Did you know that Docusign® now offers a mark-up tool?  This makes making document corrections easier than ever. Robin Riggs is one of our Technology Trainers here at Republic Title and she has put together this quick Tech Tip to guide you through some helpful tips.

  1. Upload your pdf. as you normally would and then when you’re in the section of Docusign® where you drag over your standard fields, such as your initial tag or signature tag (to the left of the standard fields section) you will see a pencil icon.
  2. Hover over that pencil icon and it will say mark-up tools.
  3. Click on that pencil icon and you will see the word “line”.
  4. Click on “line” and drag it over to the section of the document that you would like to mark through. 
  5. While you are clicked on that line (to the right hand side) you will see the properties where you can change the color, thickness or length of that line. 
  6. Simply make your corrections and when you need to find your standard fields again (over to the left side of mark up) you will see a little box. 
  7. When you click on that box, your standard fields will reappear.


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