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Tips and Tools for REALTOR® Safety

Nothing is more important than your safety.  Here are some tips and tools that could help you stay safe.


#1 Preview the neighborhood and home before you show the home. Check for cell reception and familiarize yourself with entry and exit points in the home. If you cannot preview the home before showing it, at least review the floorplan so you know escape points.

#2 Park in front of the house where you can clearly see your car from the front door. Do your best to park where you cannot be blocked in. 

#3 Make sure your phone is fully charged when you are out showing.
#4 Pay attention to detail when showing vacant homes. Look for signs that someone might have broken into the house, like unlocked or open doors or windows. If you see any signs of activity, call the police before entering the home.
#5 Always have your prospect/client walk in front of you. Don’t lead them. Direct them verbally and follow behind.
#6 If you are showing a house to a prospect you do not know, have them meet at your office and get a copy of their ID. Tell them it is your brokerage policy.
#7 Take your own car whenever possible, especially with new prospects. Meet them at the listing.
#8 Use a REALTOR® safety app to alert your broker and emergency contacts to your location when showing properties. These apps usually offer GPS locating as well, in the event of an emergency.
#9 Have an excuse ready. Having an excuse in mind can help you out of an uncomfortable situation. For example, you have to return an important missed call, or you left important information on the listing in your car. Always trust your gut feeling. If you are uncomfortable, get out of that situation.
#10 Take a self defense class. Getting the knowledge and confidence to physically escape a dangerous situation could be key to saving your life. Check with your broker to see if they would be willing to host a self-defense class at your office or call your local police department for additional class resources.

There are dozens of safety apps for your phone that are specifically designed with REALTORS® in mind. The majority of these apps provide GPS locating to your broker or emergency contacts when you’re out showing, and let you enter in information about who you are meeting. Here are several of those apps to consider: AGENTS ARMOR • BMONITORED • CURBCALL • GUARD LLAMA • HOMESNAP PRO • LIFELINE RESPONSE • PEOPLE SMART • SENTRISMART™ • SEE SOMETHING SEND SOMETHING • TRUST STAMP • WEARSAFE

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