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Title Talk with Sarah from Southlake - Sellers Responsibility Regarding MUD

In the final video series regarding MUD, Municipal Utility Districts, Sarah Mann discusses the responsibility of the seller to notify the buyer when the property is located in a MUD. 

The seller must choose from three notices, based on the location of the MUD:

a) If the MUD is located within city limits, use the notice in 49.452(c) of the Water Code.

b) If the MUD is not in city limits but within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city, use the notice in 49.452(b).

c) If the MUD is in neither, then use the notice in 49.452(d).  You have two options for obtaining copies of the notices.  MUDs are required to file these notices with their county property records office, so you may request a copy from the county.

In addition, the MUD itself is required to keep the correct  notice on hand and can provide a copy for a small administrative fee not to exceed $10.

To look up a district's information, including the contact information for the district's agent, use TCEQ's online database of utility districts.


If you have questions regarding this matter or other title related questions, please contact Sarah at our Southlake office.




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