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These courses are TREC approved for CE Credit.  TREC Provider 0368 unless otherwise noted.  All CE approved courses are $10 per hour unless otherwise noted.

35310    Create Gorgeous Visual Content using Free Tools! – 1 hour
               Get started creating beautiful designs content for your real estate business and your social media profiles using and more! LECTURE ONLY
38797    Grow Your Business with LinkedIn – 2 hours
               Learn to create a compelling profile and other strategies to focus on in LinkedIn to boost your business. 
35574    Instagram: I Have An Account Now What? – 1 hour
               Now that you have an Instagram account, this class will provide you with tips and strategies to get more followers, connect with your sphere, target buyers and sellers, content creation and                 more! LECTURE ONLY
38169    Marketing to Millennials – 1 hour
              Millennials – who are they and how do I market to them? 1/3 of all recent new home purchases come from Millennials (according to NAR). This class will show how to connect and build                      relationships with this demographic using various methods LECTURE ONLY

38798   Farming with NTREIS Tax Data – 1 hour
              This class will show users the farming features available in NTREIS REALIST® Tax (ie. search, create mailing labels, exports).
38212    Remine At-A-Glance – 1 hour
               This class will demonstrate the farming capabilities in Remine, accessible through the NTREIS portal. Learn how to grow your business by focusing on the people who will become your                     next clients and boost your productivity using Remine’s predictive analytics. LECTURE ONLY

37749    ABCs of Cloud CMA – 3 hours
              Create stunning reports using Cloud CMA! This hands-on class covers how to create stunning reports, generate a CMA and learn the powerful lead generation tools all available through                    Cloud CMA.
37558    Attract New Clients Using MLS Tools – 2 hours
               Discover a number of ways to use the tools provided by the MLS to help with consumer interest which can turn into sales and full-fledged customers.
38275    C’mon Get Appy! – 1 Hour
               So many apps, so little time! In this fast-paced demo, you will discover the most practical business apps for REALTORS® as well as client apps to keep you on the cutting edge of your                       business. LECTURE ONLY
37866    DocuSign® Basics – 2 hours
               This hands-on class covers the basics of DocuSign® to streamline your business and go paperless!
36087    DocuSign® Advanced – 2 hours (PRE-REQUISITE DocuSign® Essentials)
               This hands-on class is intended for advanced users with prior experience working with DocuSign® and covers the advanced features designed to help streamline your business and go                     paperless
38656    DocuSign® At-A-Glance – 1 hour
               In this fast-paced demo, you will learn to use DocuSign®, the web-based electronic signature platform to send real estate forms/contracts to your clients for signature.LECTURE ONLY

39447     LIVE Listing Presentations Using Cloud CMA – 1 Hour                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With Cloud CMA Live you can command the room (whether it’s in person or on the computer) with confidence by creating virtual listing presentations your clients will love!  Cloud CMA                         Live will help you make a great impression with your clients, easily establish yourself as the neighborhood expert, and win more listings (virtually)!

39359    Matrix MLS Advanced – 2 hours (PRE-REQUISITE Matrix MLS-Basics)
               Learn advanced features available in the NTREIS Matrix MLS System including revers prospecting, custom displays, market reports, speed bar, mapping/layers, statistics, exports, etc.
39358    Matrix MLS Basics- 2 hours
               Learn the basics of utilizing the NTREIS Matrix MLS System including search functionality, map searches, saving searches, email/print functions, search history and more.
39360    Matrix MLS AutoEmail, Contacts, Client Portals – 2 hours
               This class offers an in-depth overview of setting up automatic emails based on your client custom search, manage emails/contacts as well as client portals in the Matrix MLS System.
39361    Matrix MLS CMA Wizard – 1 hour
               This class will navigate through CMA Wizard in Matrix MLS step by step creating a professional looking CMA report. LECTURE ONLY
39749    RPR® Desktop At-A-Glance – 1 hour
               Harness the endless resources of RPR® (REALTORS® Property Resource). Join us for this introduction to RPR®, one-stop-shop for the data you need to be an expert on any property or                  neighborhood  using the RPR® desktop program. LECTURE ONLY
39750    RPR® Desktop Basics – 2 hours
               Be an expert on any property or neighborhood using the endless resources of REALTORS® Property Resource.
37867    RPR® Mobile – 1 hour
               Be more productive using RPR® (REALTORS® Property Resource)! Meeting the demands of today’s well-informed consumer is a top priority! Len how to effectively use RPR’s® mobile                   application to look up and research properties, neighborhoods and more! LECTURE ONLY
39209    Become Your Neighborhood Expert Using Stats – 2 hours
               In this hands-on class, learn numerous ways to pull MLS statistical info to share with your clients and become your neighborhood expert.
36086    Up & Away with Cloud CMA – 1 hour
               This course offers a condensed view of the products with Cloud CMA in the NTREIS Matrix MLS system. Learn to generate personalized buyer/seller reports and more! LECTURE ONLY

37748    zipForm® Basics – 2 hours
               This class will teach real estate practitioners to complete real estate contract forms online, save transactions, create time saving templates.
35241    zipForm® Advanced At-A-Glance – 1 hour
               This demo serves as an overview of the newest ADVANCED tools available in zipForm®. LECTURE ONLY
35242    zipForm® ADVANCED- 2 hours (PRE-REQUISITE zipForm® Basics)
               This ADVANCED hands-on class is intended for advanced users with prior experience working with TEMPLATES and will cover the newest tools available in zipForm®.

39724    Backup, Contingent & Multiple Offers – 1 hour
               Prepare yourself to handle the unique aspects of backup, contingent and multiple offer transactions by reviewing pertinent TREC addenda along with critical dates and deadlines.
33692    Escape Hatches for Buyers – 1 hour
               This class will familiarize licensees with specific conditions and contingencies within the contract and related addenda that, if not adhered to, could result in a Buyer’s valid termination of                     the contract. 
35400    Sticky Wicket Issues – 2 hours
               A detailed, advanced look at the common issues that trap agents when negotiating and closing the residential deal including withdrawal of offers, multiple offers, offers over list price,                           appraisal issues and more. 
39720    TREC 1-4 Family, Line by Line – 2 hours
               Learn about the TREC 1-4 Family Residential Contract (Resale) and other pertinent addenda.
39035    Top Ten Contract Addenda
              Join us for a review of 10 of the most commonly utilized TREC contract addenda including Third Party Financing Addendum, Addendum for Backup Contract and more.
36445    Understanding Condominiums – 1 hour
                This class offers a review of the TREC Residential Condo Contract. Learn about condo creation and components.

33872    Cybersecurity Basics for Brokers & Agents- 1 hour
               This class serves to educate licensees on the importance of cyber security and teach you how to protect sensitive personal data in today’s ‘electronic’ age.
38481    Intro to Commercial Concepts for Residential Agents – 2 hours
               Become familiar with commercial issues related to residential transactions.

37069    Home Surveillance Legal Issues – 1 hour
               This class focuses on the specifics of home surveillance and potential legal issues that arise from unlawful recordings of video or audio or both when an agent is showing a house or listing                 a house. 

38478    Death, Divorce & Real Estate – 1 hour
               Joins us for an overview of important laws surrounding death and divorce such as separation, homestead issues, community property and probate.
38553    Definitions & Rules of the 1031 Exchange – 2 hours
               Gain a general understanding of a 1031 exchange.
39721    Documents & What They Do – 1 hour
               Licensees must be familiar with a multitude of documents in the practice of real estate. This class will focus on various real estate documents including Deeds, Deeds of Trust,                                       Assignments  and more describing the purpose and applicability of each. 
38533     Is This Homestead and Why Do Title Companies Care? – 1 hour
                Homestead rights can be very confusing! This course will help licensees understand how the State of Texas views homesteads and what factors influence the title company’s underwriting                 decisions. 
33565    It’s All Foreign to Me! – 1 hour
               This class will cover many areas of a transaction involving a non-US citizen including Foreign Investors Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA), Foreign Wills, Mexican Matricula Consular and                       Foreign Acknowledgements,
39053     Lease Purchase – Just Say No! – 1 hour
                This class will provide a detailed overview of issues surrounding Lease Purchase Options such as required disclosures, obligations, contracts, financing and enforcability. Being aware of                    potential complications can prepare a licensee to thwart potential lawsuite. 

36881    Marriage, Divorce & Title Insurance – 1 hour
               This course will detail laws surrounding marriage and divorce such as separate property, community property, sealed divorces, common law marriage and more.  

38137     MUDs, PIDs and PUDs – 2 hours/$30/Provider: Texas AgriLife Extension Services #10393
               What are they and what should you know about them? Learn how Municipal Utility Districts, Public Improvement Districts and Planned Unit Developments are created
38482    Selling Out of An Estate – 1 hour
               Understand the requirements for selling real estate if the title is held by an estate, or there has been a death of a seller.
38138     Texas Ag Exemption: What it is and What R.E. Agents Should Know – 
2 hours/$30/Provider: Texas AgriLife Extension Services #10393
                Learn how this important exemption affects the property taxes and agricultural land in Texas.
39723    Traps and Pitfalls for Licensees – 1 hour
               This class draws attention to the issues most likely to cause problems for licensees in a real estate transaction including real estate fraud, missing effective date in the contract, ‘practicing                   law’ and more. .

39719    Minerals 101 – 1 hour
               This course will educate licensees on what minerals are, what rights/ownerships and uses/restrictions are associated with them and their impact on title. Understanding these things is                         crucial to the success of these types of real estate transactions and could help prevent potential lawsuits. 
37959    Title Commitment 101 – 1 hour
               Join us for an overview of the groundwork done in creating the Title Commitment, what agents should look for and the questions they should ask. Licensees will obtain a basic                                     understanding of crucial documents and the role they play enabling them to detect potential problems. .
39722    Survey Issues – 1 hour
               This class will help licensees understand surveys and the applicable paragraphs in the TREC 1-4  Family Residential Contract and prepare them for any potential survey issues that may                   arise. 


37796    TREC Legal Update Part 1 (2020-2021) – 4 hours
               Course content mandated by TREC. Statutory Changes/Rules/ Forms.
37797    TREC Legal Update Part 2 (2020-2021) – 4 hours
               Course content mandated by TREC. Ethics/ Fair Housing/Agency Laws.    


These courses are not TREC approved for CE.  

Success Planning- How to make next year the best year yet! (Business Planning)
Make a plan, sell more homes, and make more money. With a good business plan, this could be your best year yet! This easy to follow business plan will guide you through the steps to determine where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Developing your Referral Playbook
Developing a business based on referrals is not just important, but mandatory for a successful career in real estate. This seven-part guide will ignite ideas and help you build a solid foundation of best practices and habits for generating business referrals. This workbook forces you to look at your current referral strategy and pinpoint holes in your system. From here, you will work on rebuilding your strategy by personalizing scripts, branding, defining referral target markets, and getting creative with your delivery in person and on social media.

Build a Better Brand
Your brand is what gives life to your business. It should define both who you are personally and professionally, and what your business stands for. Your brand should be consistent and recognizable in all print and digital marketing materials. Using this Branding class you can develop your personal brand.

Ready Set Market….. Developing your personal marketing action plan.
We’ll take you through a robust workbook, and at the end, you’ll have usable action plan you can employ over the next year to generate more leads and do more business. This workbook will force you to look at your current marketing strategy with a critical eye and pinpoint holes in your system.

8 Ways to Elevate your Business with Video
Video is changing the game in the world of real estate and if you are not careful you will be left behind. Having a simple yet effective video campaign to engage your sphere and reach new targets allows you as a realtor to concentrate on more revenue producing activity. With this class we will explore 8 ways/ topics that will add value to you and your business for the coming year.

The Prospecting Game
In sales there is only one word that really matters…. PROSPECTING. If we are not prospecting we are dying and having a traceable, systematic approach to it will help organize and elevate your business. In this class we discuss an 8 week step by step program and best practices that will surely elevate you to new heights in your business.

Mind Over Market
In this class, we will examine the different types of fear to move to a brighter future in real estate.