• CE Credit
        CE credit will only be granted if the student attends the entire session.
        Partial credit is not offered. Students not present when the course begins or when class resumes after designated breaks may still take the course for informational purposes, but CE credit will not be granted.
      • Course Fees
        Course Fees should be paid through our website via credit card.  Cash and Checks are not accepted.
      • $10.00 per hour/per agent of CE instruction (all fees include class materials)
        $75 per hour for Broker sponsored CE instruction (all fees include class materials)
        Course fees are due and payable prior to sign-in and admittance into classroom.
      • Re-take and/or Makeup Procedures
        Students who have completed at least 40 minutes of a 1 hour class, 80 minutes of a 2 hour class, 120 minutes of a 3 hour class or 160 minutes of a 4 hour class will be permitted to attend another presentation of the same course within 90 days for no additional fee.
      • CE Course Completion Roster
        Republic Title shall file a CE Course Completion Roster (CE Form CCR-1) with the TREC within 10 days following completion of the course.
        Students are required to sign-in upon admittance into the class.
        Students are required to sign the CE Course Completion Roster and to accurately list their real estate license number on the form to insure proper CE credit.
      • Refund Policy
        CANCELLATION: To cancel a class, email education@republictitle.com or call 214.556.0250. If cancellation occurs at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the course, 100% of the course fees will be refunded. If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior to the start time of the course, NO REFUND will be given.
        NON-REGISTRANTS: Though walk-ins are allowed, attendees are strongly encouraged to pre-register as some classes may be cancelled due to nominal registrations. At a minimum, non-registrants should call prior to walking-in to insure that classes have not been cancelled.
        NO SHOWS: Registrants who fail to notify us that they wish to cancel and fail to show for a class will not be issued a refund. PUNCTUALITY: If a registrant arrives after coverage of the course material has commenced at any time during the course (including breaks), the registrant may take the course for informational purposes only (no CE credit).
      • Course Evaluation
        A Texas Real Estate Commission Course Evaluation Form will be provided for each course, but students may complete an online version on the TREC website. http://www.trec.state.tx.us/CourseAndInstructorEval
      • Photo Identification
        All attendees should be prepared to present a photo id at class check in. 
      • Class Recordings
        Audio and/or Video recording of any class is strictly prohibited.

For questions regarding these policies please contact:

    Republic Title Education Department at education@republictitle.com or 214.556.0250.

    Rev. 07/2019