Best Tubing Rivers in Texas

One of Texan’s favorite pastimes is floating our rivers.  Here is a list of some of the best tubing rivers in Texas.  Grab a tube and beat those triple digit days!

Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River is the most popular river for floating in the Lone Star State. This 230-mile river actually runs from central Texas all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. However, the most popular spots to float are found in the Texas Hill Country, especially in Canyon Lake, San Marcos, New Braunfels and San Antonio. The cool water in the Guadalupe makes this a popular summer tubing destination. Tubers can choose from a short float to an all-day excursion. Shaded by cypress trees, the Guadalupe River is a relaxing float, where Texans are seen with typically a beer in hand.

Comal River

The Comal River is a tributary of the Guadalupe River, and at only two and a half miles, floating down it is one of the best things to do in New Braunfels. Tubers typically begin their journey in this spring-fed river at Landa Park. The crystal clear water makes for a great reprieve from Texas’ hot summer days. Tubers definitely utilize their right to bring along alcoholic beverages here, but do keep in mind that glass and styrofoam are not permitted. End your float on the Comal at the “tuber’s exit” right before the Comal meets the Guadalupe.

San Marcos River

For those in San Marcos, Texas, the San Marcos River is the waterway to head to for the perfect summer tubing spot. Usually filled with coeds from Texas State University, the San Marcos River has some of the cleanest water a tuber could ask for. This spring-fed river, also a tributary of the Guadalupe, does have cool temperatures year round, 72 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. Locals love to start their tubing journey on the San Marcos River at the city park behind the Strahan Basketball Stadium. Tubers typically float a mile down the river from here and exit right before reaching Rio Vista Park.

Frio River

For those looking for an outdoor adventure in West Texas, hit up the Frio River. Spanish for “cold,” the Frio is 200 miles long, boasts scenic views of Texas’ best land, and of course is cold due to the spring-fed water. Garner State Park is a popular spot where floaters typically gain access to the Frio. Unlike rivers in the Texas Hill Country, the Frio River is less populated and is in a more remote setting.

South Llano River

The South Llano River, a tributary of the Colorado River, is located northwest of Austin, Texas near Junction, Texas. This popular fly-fishing river is also a great spot to float in a tube. There are a number of spots to enter the river with your tube, but many tend to enter near South Llano River State Park or even before the park at Boone’s Crossing. This relaxing float is family-friendly and is also a great place to canoe or kayak.

Brazos River

Located near Caddo, Texas, the Brazos River is a great spot to tube, kayak or canoe. Since this river is quite a drive from Texas’ big metropolitans, like Dallas and Austin, the river isn’t as crowded as other rivers on this list. When it comes to tubing, most floaters enter the water near Possum Kingdom State Park, which just so happens to be a great spot to camp too. Fed by Lake Granbury, the Brazos River varies from slow floats to quicker currents depending on the weather. Mid-summer is the best time to experience a float on the Brazos, since water levels tend to run low near summer’s end.

Trinity River

The Trinity River is the closest tubing destination for Dallas residents. Every summer, the Trinity River Vision Authority hosts tubing events, and in June, the Rockin’ the River concert series begins where tubers can actually enjoy live music while floating the river. The Trinity River is truly Texan, since it’s the only river that flows entirely within the borders of the Lone Star State.

Medina River

For a secluded float, head to the Medina River. A float on the Medina is one of the most scenic on this list. Near the small town of Bandera, Texas, this 120-mile Texas river offers clear water and mild rapids. The Medina River is spring-fed but also relies on rainfall to manage its flow. It might be in a more isolated area than other rivers on this list, but the town of Bandera still offers tubes, shuttle services and excursions for those wanting to experience the Medina River.

Colorado River

The Colorado River, a massive river that flows through seven states, is the final river on this list perfect for tubers. The longest river in Texas, the Colorado River offers a mild flow with plenty of sandbars for when you need a place to take a break. It is very common to have multiple day excursions on this river. To access the Colorado River, Columbus, Texas is the town to visit for supplies and access points.

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