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February 2022 DFW Area Real Estate Stats

February stats are here and we have the numbers! 

Our stats infographics include a year over year comparison and area highlights for single family homes and condos broken down by MLS area. We encourage you to share these infographics and video with your sphere.

For more stats information, pdfs and graphics of our stats including detailed information by MLS area and condo stats, visit the Resources section on our website at DFW Area Real Estate Statistics | Republic Title of Texas.

For the full report from the Texas A&M Real Estate Research Center, click here. For NTREIS County reports click here.


What To Expect At Closing

There are many steps in the home buying process – saving, searching, shopping, inspecting, etc. Once you get through all of these steps, you have finally made it to the closing table and are so close to being in your new home! Here’s a brief description of what to expect at closing:

The Buyer will sign numerous forms including settlement statements, title, and loan documents, if applicable.  Important documents include, but are not limited to, closing disclosures, promissory notes, and deed of trust if financing is applicable and a copy of warranty deed for review to confirm the name of the people taking title. Now after signing, the closing team will then process the documents for funding to finalize the sale. This can take anywhere from an hour for a cash transaction to up to several hours if the title company has documentation to submit to the lender for approval. If the seller has already completed their side of the closing for the sale of the home you are buying, the last step is obtaining the mortgage company’s approval to release the funds. Now once the transaction is funded and all monies are dispersed, the buyer gets the keys which is the best part. The title company then submits the warranty deed to the appropriate government office for recording which conveys title of the home to the new owners.

For more information, reach out to a Republic Title rep or your real estate agent. We look forward to seeing you at the closing table!


March Landscape & Gardening Tips & to-Dos

Need help planting a successful garden or landscape? Here are some March planting tips from the Dallas Arboretum horticulture staff and the Dallas County Master Gardeners that can help keep your home garden looking beautiful this winter, whilst having it ready and set up for success in Spring! Plant care should be your focus in March. 

  • Plant cool season annuals for quick color in the garden and to replace any annuals that may not have made it through the cold.
  • Some warm season veggies, such as tomatoes, can be planted late in March, but be prepared to cover them if we have freeze or frost.
  • You may still have some time to dig and divide fall blooming perennials if they haven’t started putting out new growth yet.
  • It’s a great time to plant new trees and shrubs in the garden so they establish a good root system before summer. Make sure to fertilize them so they get a good start.
  • Begin thinking about sodding or seeding your lawn, late in March, once the last frost date has passed. Mow your lawn shorter than normal to help remove early weeds before seeding. Grass is an easy to maintain groundcover that helps retain soil moisture and helps reduce soil erosion. Don’t forget to start fertilizing your lawn as well.
  • Prune and shape any spring flowering shrubs and vines as soon as they finish blooming.
  • Once trees and shrubs begin to green up, trim any dead or damaged areas that become obvious.
  • Continue Fertilizing winter and spring annuals.