Celebrating International Women’s Day

With 318 women making up 75% of our workforce, we are surrounded by smart and talented women at Republic Title. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’d love for you to meet 3 amazing women who have made an impact at Republic Title and our culture. 

felicia farnsworth

Felicia Farnsworth
Executive Vice President/Human Resources

Felica Farnsworth is Executive Vice President of Human Resources and has been with our company for 22 years. In her role, Felicia oversees the benefits of our employees and works hard to keep our employees safe, healthy and happy. Felicia says that the best leadership advice that she has ever received is to be a student of your job – receptive; flexible; embracing; and willing. She says that Republic Title’s culture is incredibly special and that all employees pull together to help each. You don’t even have to ask twice.  A recent new hire recently commented on how great it is to see how everyone is so willing to help. When asks what energizes her at work, Felicia says” Witnessing the positive, optimistic and can-do attitudes that our employees possess.  The camaraderie our employees have and the willingness to help one another is truly amazing.  Every day is a great day when the people you work with shine with so much positivity.”

Favorite Leadership Quote: “That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny.  Be it through intention or ignorance, our success and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.”  Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain 

Sheri Groom
Executive Vice President/Residential Operations

Sheri Groom is Executive Vice President and oversees all aspects of our residential operations including our corporate departments and thirteen branch offices. Sheri’s best leadership advice is to be authentic, cast a vision to your teams and the plan for how to get there as well as build teams where everyone has different strengths. Sheri says that the teamwork is what makes the Republic Title culture so special adding, “Everyone has each other’s back. The people who care about people outside of themselves and truly want to make a difference and leave something better than they found it.” With 24 years at Republic Title, the past year has brought new challenges to our company and employees. Sheri credits Republic Title’s success to the spirit of our employees and their “can do” attitude. Sheri says, “I have always known that all great teams have to overcome adversity and challenges and that the measure of our success will not be determined by how we act during great times in our life but rather how we think and respond to the challenges of our most difficult moments and our employees were simply amazing.”

Leadership Podcast Recommendation: The Brendon Show with Brendon Burchard

sheri groom republic title
lisa murray republic title

Lisa Murray
Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Murray is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer where she oversees all financial aspects of our company. Lisa is also passionate about creating a great culture at Republic Title and is active on our Employee Relations Committee. Lisa says that Republic Title’s culture is special because of the focus on working together as a team to provide the best service to the customer and the ability for everyone to make a difference in the process. When asked the best leadership advice that she has ever received, Lisa said, “Leaders need to continually learn and grow, adapt to the changing world with a positive solution-oriented mindset and provide clarity on the vision ahead.” At work, Lisa enjoys making a difference by adding value to the team through solving problems, inspiring others and helping people grow. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling, hiking, biking, skiing, giving back to others, and bringing a sense of joy and hope to people around her. 

Favorite Leadership Author: John Maxwell is a well-known expert on leadership.  He has a great podcast, and has written many books that are an incredible resource.   On a recent podcast he said that during times of crisis or adversity we need to make the choice to learn and grow from the experience and decide how we can add value.

The past year has been unprecedented to say the least. We are encouraged by these three women – and the 315 others that make up Republic Title – who have adapted to change, risen to the challenges, and who make Republic Title shine.

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