The NEw World of eclosings

The New World of eClosing

Welcome to the world of eClosing!  There are many new terms to become familiar with when discussing digital settlement and eClosings. The transition to eClosing has created a plethora of new terms including In-Person eClosing, Remote Online Notarization, RON, Hybrid eClosing, etc. and we want to help you get familiar with the language and how it all works.

A few questions that will come up when discussing eClosings are:

1.     When are we signing?

2.     Where are we signing?

3.     How are we signing?

What is eVolve?

eVolve is Republic Title’s Digital Settlement and Signing Services Division and provides a new, convenient, and alternative experience in buying/selling real estate. Republic Title is leading this transformation and developing innovative and secure ways to evolve this process for our customers. Technology and added convenience are constantly changing the way people conduct business. When our customers have scheduling conflicts — whether it’s a busy day in the office or traveling on vacation — Republic Title is able to facilitate the transaction through one of our premium closing services, either at a place of business through our Mobile First experience or through our Remote Online Notary eClosing experience. Our dedicated team of professionals will provide our customers with a clear understanding of what is being signed and why it’s needed, ensuring a worry-free closing from anywhere in the world. For more information about eVolve or eClosings, visit our website at:

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