December 2023 DFW Real Estate Stats

In December 2023, real estate statistics across various counties showed mixed trends. In Collin County, new listings increased by 15%, active listings rose by 13.8%, and the average sales price went up by 3.5% to $569,839. However, there was a 2.1% increase in days on market, reaching 49 days. Price per square foot also saw a 5.8% uptick at $220, while closed sales experienced a slight decrease of 0.1%, totaling 1083.

Dallas County witnessed a 14.6% increase in new listings, with active listings up by 16.8%. The average sales price soared by 15.8% to $518,225, and the price per square foot rose by 7.1% to $225. Days on market increased significantly by 10.8%, reaching 42 days, while closed sales declined by 8.9%, totaling 1345.

Denton County reported a more modest increase in new listings at 2.9%, with active listings up by 2.5%. The average sales price grew by 4.7% to $549,571, and the price per square foot increased by 2.4%. Days on market experienced a 1.9% rise, averaging 54 days. However, closed sales saw a substantial decline of 16.2%, totaling 912.

Rockwall County saw a 7.7% increase in new listings, but total actives were down by 6.4%. The average sales price rose by 4.1% to $479,202, and the price per square foot increased by 1.1%. Days on market surged by 25.9%, averaging 73 days, while closed sales declined by 10.4%, totaling 164.

In Tarrant County, new listings decreased by 2.3%, but total active listings went up by 7.8%. The average sales price, price per square foot, and days on market increased by 1.1%, 1.1%, and 4.3%, respectively. Closed sales, however, experienced a notable decline of 10.2%, totaling 1534.

Our stats infographics include a year over year comparison and area highlights for single family homes broken down by county. We encourage you to share these infographics and video with your sphere.

For more stats information, pdfs and graphics of our stats including detailed information by county, visit the Resources section on our website at DFW Area Real Estate Statistics | Republic Title of Texas.

For the full report from the Texas A&M Real Estate Research Center, click here. For NTREIS County reports click here.

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