5 Benefits of eClosing

Many types of documents need to be signed in a real estate transaction.  A number of factors are driving the real estate industry to transition from traditional paper and wet-ink signings to electric signatures on digital paperless documents.  This is known as a digital closing or more commonly called an eClosing.


Review documents in advance and ask questions of the appropriate parties.

Close from any location.*
If wet-signing is required a mobile closer or in a few instances a mobile notary may be utilized.


Reduced use of paper.

Reduced carbon footprint of shipping and storing physical documents.


Earlier document delivery.

No redundant paperwork.

Shorter signing appointments.

Shorter funding times.


Streamlined closing.

Automated data validation.

Close on your real estate transaction interactively through a virtual closing room.


Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Knowledge-based authentication (KBA).

Quickly identify any altered documents.

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*A remote online notary may be required

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