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If you haven’t downloaded our app, Republic Title Mobile, now is the time! Join other real estate agents using Republic Title Mobile and see why we have a 5 star rating in the Apple Store!
Republic Title Mobile is a mobile app that provides easy access for real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers to closing cost calculators, educational videos and articles on title insurance and the real estate industry, and more information on our services to serve your real estate needs.
Our convenient calculator allows users to quickly calculate closing fees associated with your transaction. Calculators include:
• Title Quote
• Closing Disclosure Quote
• Loan Estimate Quote
• Seller Net Sheet
• Sell To Net
• Seller’s Multiple Offers
• Buyer Estimate
• Monthly Affordability
• Rent vs Buy
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Meet Our Residential Underwriting and Legal Team

As an industry leader and authority on the local real estate market, you can count on Republic Title’s highly trained teams and in-house attorneys to ensure your transaction closes quickly, with fast turnaround on title searches and underwriting decisions.

We are proud to highlight our Residential Underwriting and Legal team who are available to answer your questions and be a resource for you in working towards a smooth closing. Be on the lookout in the coming days to learn more about our incredible team of attorneys and how they are committed to helping you get to the closing table!

Matt Visinsky is Senior Vice President/Senior Residential Counsel at Republic Title. Matt has been with Republic Title for nearly 25 years. With experience as both an Escrow Officer and Branch Manager, Matt brings a unique perspective to his role. Matt’s attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the real estate transaction make him an invaluable member of our legal team. In his free time, Matt is an avid sports photographer and his work has been published in ESPN’s The Magazine, Sports Illustrated and GQ.

Wade Bogdon is Assistant Vice President/Residential Counsel and has been with Republic Title for over 8 years. Wade has an extensive knowledge in title rules and procedures which allows him to give excellent service to our customers. Wade is quick to respond to questions and is able to clearly communicate rules and requirements. In his free time, Wade enjoys watching Dallas sporting teams, cooking and restoring and researching historic homes.

With over 52  years in the title business, Jay has worked with developers, lenders, real estate agents and attorneys, gaining him a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in the industry. Jay is known throughout the real estate community for giving back both within our industry and being incredibly active in the community. With a background as a Branch Manager, Jay has a reputation for his incredible customer service which has built many great lasting relationships over his time with Republic Title. In his free time, Jay enjoys spending time with his family as well as traveling, biking and hiking.


Steve Holley is a solution-oriented underwriting counsel who has the ability to make everyone comfortable in the transaction which allows our closing teams the ability to close and insure transactions seamlessly. With 30 years of title industry experience, Steve knows title laws and procedures like the back of his hand. Steve is a highly effective communicator with a plethora of knowledge and is one of our highly sought after real estate class instructors. A proud SMU alumnus, Steve is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending his free time with his family and at the ranch.  

Scott is someone that you can count on to handle any complex issues that may arise with your transaction. With extensive knowledge of TREC contracts and procedures, Scott is a sought after teacher who uses his law experience to effectively communicate with our customers. Known for his sense of humor, you’re sure to hear one of Scott’s famous jokes if you have the privilege of taking one of his classes! Scott is an avid golfer, Texas Rangers fan, and coffee connoisseur.

Sarah Mann has 13 years working in the title insurance industry with experience both in the closing room and resolving title issues. In her 10 years with Republic Title, Sarah has served in many roles including Escrow Officer, Branch Manager and Residential Counsel. Sarah is known for her personal attention to each real estate transaction and getting deals to the closing table. Her experience in the closing room enhances the service she can provide to every customer. We are extremely grateful for Sarah’s experience, wisdom and heart for our clients!



Avoid Common Closing Delays

Remember – Prior planning prevents inconvenience.  Awareness of the following items will help to ensure a smooth closing.

Be sure that you return all lender requested documents and complete lender required tasks so they are able process your loan and get you through underwriting as soon as possible, in order to keep your closing date as scheduled. Failing to turn in documents in a timely manner can slow down the closing process.

If any delinquent taxes are found in your name during the title process, you will need to pay them prior to closing, and you must furnish an original tax receipt, otherwise you will not be able to close until payment of these taxes can be confirmed.

If either party intends to use a Power of Attorney at closing; i.e., will not be there to sign:

  • The title company must approve the Power of Attorney prior to closing.
  • The original Power of Attorney must be delivered to the title company prior to closing, as the original must be recorded with the County Clerk ahead of all other closing documents.
  • The title company must be able to contact you via telephone on the day of closing to be certain you are alive and well and have not revoked the Power of Attorney.

If you have a common surname, please complete a Confidential Information Statement and return it to the title company prior to closing.

     A.  Texas is a community property state. If you purchased your property when you were single and you have married, the title company will require that your spouse join in signing the deed at closing, due to Texas Homestead Laws.

     B.  If you are divorced and your divorce proceeding was handled in a county other than the county you are in, please have a certified copy of the Divorce Decree delivered to the title company prior to closing.

If any documents must be mailed out of town:

  • All documents must be signed exactly as requested.
  • All documents must have proper notarization.  Any documents mailed out of the country must be notarized in English.

There a few important documents that the Buyer and their REALTOR® will need to review prior to closing. They include the Survey, Title Commitment, HOA documents (if applicable) and the Closing Disclosure. When the title company sends these documents, review them in a timely manner and alert your REALTOR® and/or the title company to any errors or discrepancies.

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Republic Title Mobile

If you haven’t downloaded our app, Republic Title Mobile, now is the time! Join other real estate agents using Republic Title Mobile and see why we have a 5 star rating in the Apple Store!

Republic Title Mobile is a mobile app that provides easy access for real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers to closing cost calculators, educational videos and articles on title insurance and the real estate industry, and more information on our services to serve your real estate needs.

Our convenient calculator allows users to quickly calculate closing fees associated with your transaction. Calculators include:

  • Title Quote
  • Closing Disclosure Quote
  • Loan Estimate Quote
  • Seller Net Sheet
  • Sell To Net
  • Seller’s Multiple Offers
  • Buyer Estimate
  • Monthly Affordability
  • Rent vs Buy

Other Helpful Real Estate Resources Include:

  • Contact Information for Republic Title’s 13 North Texas Locations
  • Insightful News on the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries
  • Educational Videos and Monthly Real Estate Stats

Republic Title Mobile can be found in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store.

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Business Development Representatives.


Important After Closing Reminders for Buyers

Congratulations! You’ve just closed on the purchase of your new home! Here is a helpful list of important to-dos and reminders for after closing:

  1. A copy of the recorded Warranty Deed
    that transferred title of the property will be sent to you via email with your Owner’s Title Policy approximately one month after closing. Your Owner’s Title Policy should be printed and stored for safe keeping and/or saved on your personal computer.
  2. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to be certain the property is rendered in the current taxpayer’s name
    for the upcoming tax year. Contact the County Appraisal District (CAD) for assistance in making certain this is done.
  3. Make certain to file your homestead designation with the County Appraisal District.
    If you have any questions about your homestead exemption for property tax purposes, or any other exemption which may be available to you, please contact your County Appraisal District. The forms necessary to apply for exemptions are available online from your Appraisal District at no cost. See the reverse side of this card for area County Appraisal District’s website and contact information.
  4. Contact the Home Warranty company if you received a home warranty and want additional coverage.
    If you received a Home Warranty (also known as a Residential Service Contract) in connection with your recent closing and wish to add additional coverage, please contact the Home Warranty company directly.

Collin County
Collin County Central Appraisal District | 469.742.9200

Dallas County
Dallas County Central Appraisal District | 214.631.0520

Denton County
Denton County Central Appraisal District | 940.349.3800

Grayson County
Grayson County Central Appraisal District | 903.893.9673

Johnson County
Johnson County Central Appraisal District | 817.648.3000

Kaufman County
Kaufman County Central Appraisal District | 972.932.6081

Rockwall County
Rockwall County Central Appraisal District | 972.771.2034

Tarrant County
Tarrant County Central Appraisal District | 817.284.0024

Exemption forms can be downloaded from the Central Appraisal District’s website for the county in which the property is located.

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Important After Closing Reminders for Sellers

1. Cancel your homeowners insurance with your insurance agent
once the transaction has closed, funded and your personal items have been removed from the home. There may be a prorated refund of your homeowner’s policy, based on the latest renewal date, owed to you. If you are remaining at the property after closing, you should notify your insurance agent of this change.

2. Cancel your automated deduction
for your house payment with your current lender if applicable.

3. Your lender will refund all monies left in your escrow account
approximately 15 to 30 business days after receipt of the payoff funds. The lender will mail a package containing your original Promissory Note marked “PAID” and other loan documents. Retain these for future reference. When you receive this confirmation, you may also receive a “Release of Lien” document from your lender. If the release has not already been recorded with the County Clerk’s office, please forward it to your closer at the title company and we will send it to the county to be filed, thereby releasing the lien of record.

4. Refer to your closing statement
Depending on what time of the year you sold your property, the Taxing Appraisal District may not have updated the account to show a change in ownership. If you receive a Tax Bill for the property that you sold, refer to your closing statement and send the bill to the new owners.

5. Important to note
You will receive a Substitute Form 1099-S from Republic Title within 30 days of closing. In addition, retain your closing statement, it serves as a Substitute Form 1099-S for tax purposes.

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The ABC’s of Title Commitment

A commitment is a document the title company provides to all parties connected with a particular real estate transaction. It discloses the title of record to the property as well as all the liens, defects, burdens and obligations that affect the subject properties. It is comprised of four schedules. Schedules A, B, C, and D are as follows:

A – Actual Facts – Is the Who, What, Where and How Much section of the commitment. You will see the names of the buyer, record owner (seller), a legal description of the property, the sales price and the name of the lender, if applicable. It is a good idea to double check this information with the contract.

B- Buyer Notification – This section lists the general and specific exceptions to the property. It will list items such as survey matters, taxes, easements, setback lines and a variety of other items that will not be covered by the title policy. It is important to review and discuss any questions you have with your title company.

C- Clear In Order To Close – These items must be resolved in order to transfer title to the new owner. They might include such things as a mortgage that will be paid off at closing, liens for home improvements or unpaid taxes. All items shown on Schedule C should be discussed and resolved before the closing.

D – Disclosure – This section outlines the ownership of the title company and all the parties who will share in any part of the insurance premium collected to issue the policy. It includes underwriters, title agents and attorneys.

This information is not to be substituted as legal advice and is descriptive only. If you have any concerns about any portion of your title commitment or any portion of Schedule A,B,C, or D, please contact your attorney. 


What Is A Title Policy

A title insurance policy is an insurance policy that insures you against liens or other claims against your property.  Unlike other types of insurance, you pay the premium one time and the policy generally insures you for as long as you own the property.  In Texas, Title Insurance rates are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance and the rate is based on the amount of coverage provided by the policy. There are two basic types of title insurance, an owner’s title policy and a loan title policy.  Most financial lenders require a loan title policy as security for their investment in your property just as they require homeowners insurance or other types of coverage for their protection.  Owner’s title insurance lets the new homeowner feel safe and confident there are no other claims as to the ownership of the insured property.  Among other matters, it ensures access to the property, gives the homeowner the right to occupy the property, and provides indefeasible title. 

For more information, go to Blog for videos like this and other helpful information. Blog | REPUBLIC TITLE


What To Expect At Closing

There are many steps in the home buying process – saving, searching, shopping, inspecting, etc. Once you get through all of these steps, you have finally made it to the closing table and are so close to being in your new home! Here’s a brief description of what to expect at closing:

The Buyer will sign numerous forms including settlement statements, title, and loan documents, if applicable.  Important documents include, but are not limited to, closing disclosures, promissory notes, and deed of trust if financing is applicable and a copy of warranty deed for review to confirm the name of the people taking title. Now after signing, the closing team will then process the documents for funding to finalize the sale. This can take anywhere from an hour for a cash transaction to up to several hours if the title company has documentation to submit to the lender for approval. If the seller has already completed their side of the closing for the sale of the home you are buying, the last step is obtaining the mortgage company’s approval to release the funds. Now once the transaction is funded and all monies are dispersed, the buyer gets the keys which is the best part. The title company then submits the warranty deed to the appropriate government office for recording which conveys title of the home to the new owners.

For more information, reach out to a Republic Title rep or your real estate agent. We look forward to seeing you at the closing table!


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