8 Benefits of Using a Realtor

8 Benefits of using a REALTOR When Buying or Selling a Home

1. REALTORS® are experts in their local real estate market.
REALTORS® understand the area that they work in including market knowledge, utilities, zoning, school information, and the neighborhood background.

2. Real estate is a full-time job.
When selling, your REALTOR® will spend their time pre-qualifying potential Buyers, answering phone calls with questions, marketing your home, and scheduling and attending home showings. When buying, they will find homes that meet your criteria, spend time previewing homes to make sure they are a good fit for you, schedule and accompany you on showings, and write and submit offers. Hiring a REALTOR® is a smart choice for this reason alone. 

3. REALTORS® are professional negotiators.
There are many factors up for discussion in a real estate transaction and negotiating directly with the Buyer or Seller on the other side can be
difficult. A REALTOR® will both fight for your interests and keep the deal from falling part.

4. REALTORS® understand all the complex processes during a real estate transaction.
Buying and selling a home comes with a lot of paperwork. Your REALTOR® will draft contracts and addenda on your behalf and explain these documents to you. They are trained to know all of the important documents needed throughout the buying and selling process.

5. REALTORS® always have your back.
Your REALTOR® has your back whether you’re a Buyer or a Seller. A REALTOR® has a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and are legally obligated to act in their client’s best interest.

6. REALTORS® have access to a vast network of experienced industry professionals.
Through your REALTOR® you will have access to a vast network of experienced industry professionals including inspectors, home repair companies, and title companies like Republic Title. Instead of going it alone, they can connect you with their trusted network.

7. REALTORS® know what to look for when pricing homes to sell and viewing properties to buy.
REALTORS® know what to look for when viewing properties for sale. They are trained to notice things that the average person might not see like foundation issues or floor plans that don’t flow. When selling, your REALTOR® does research to learn about your home and the neighborhood to price it to sell all while getting you the most money possible.

8. When buying a home, a REALTOR® is FREE.
When you hire a REALTOR® to help you purchase a home, it doesn’t cost you anything. The Seller will be paying for all of the commission fees while you get a quality representative to help you during the process. 

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