July Landscape & Gardening Tips & To-Do’s

Need help planting a successful garden or landscape? Here are some July planting tips from the Dallas Arboretum horticulture staff and the Dallas County Master Gardeners that can help keep your home garden looking beautiful this Fall. Lawn and garden maintenance should be your focus in July.

  • July is the month to start your fall tomato garden.
  • Begin trimming spent flower stalks on perennials.
  • If you haven’t done so already, cut back some overgrown annuals (such as impatiens and coleus) and perennials (such as asters and salvia). A light shearing can help prevent the plants from falling over.
  • Roses can be trimmed back now by one-third to one-half so they will rejuvenate for the fall season.
  • Mature or overgrown climbing roses can be shaped up now without damaging next year’s bloom potential.
  • As it continues to heat up outside, keep your plants well watered.
  • Continue mowing your lawn once per week to maintain good healthy growth and reduce any unnecessary wear and tear on lawn equipment.
  • Continue fertilizing your lawn and garden with a high nitrogen fertilizer, following recommended application rates.
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