November Landscape & Gardening Tips & To-Do’s

Need help planting a successful garden or landscape? Here are some November planting tips from the Dallas Arboretum horticulture staff and the Dallas County Master Gardeners that can help keep your home garden looking beautiful this Fall. Tree and shrub planting should be your focus in November.

  • Continue planting trees and shrubs now while they are becoming dormant so they can establish roots during winter. An application of root stimulator will help get them started.
  • Transplant trees and shrubs in your landscape now. Give them a large enough root ball when transplanting to avoid root damage.
  • Dig and divide spring blooming perennials now so their roots can get established before spring.
  • Prune back fall-blooming perennials to produce healthy, bushy plants next spring.
  • Plant narcissus and pre-chilled tulips toward the end of the month.
  • Plant pansies, dianthus, kale and other winter annuals, as well as cool season veggies such as broccoli and cabbage.
  • Fertilize annual color with a complete, water soluble fertilizer.
  • Mulch new plantings to help retain moisture and insulate roots against cold temperatures.
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