June 2023 DFW Area Real Estate Stats

The Dallas real estate market has seen fluctuations in different counties, as of the latest available data. In Collin County, new listings have declined by 21.5%, with closed sales down by 3.7%, and the median sales price experiencing a 5.1% decrease. Similarly, Dallas County has witnessed a decline of 19.3% in new listings, a significant drop of 12.1% in closed sales, and a minor decrease of 0.8% in the median sales price.

Denton County, on the other hand, has experienced a decrease of 19.7% in new listings, while closed sales have surprisingly increased by 1.2%. However, the median sales price in Denton County has still seen a downturn of 1.2%. Tarrant County has seen the steepest decline in new listings at 22.6%, coupled with a significant drop of 10.2% in closed sales and a median sales price decrease of 4.3%. Lastly, Rockwall County has experienced a substantial decline of 25.2% in new listings, a notable drop of 19.5% in closed sales, and a 2.2% decrease in the median sales price.

Overall, these statistics indicate varying trends in the Dallas real estate market, with some counties witnessing significant declines in both new listings and closed sales, while others show mixed results. The changes in median sales prices are also noteworthy, showcasing the complexities and challenges the local real estate market is currently facing. As the market continues to evolve, it will be essential for potential buyers and sellers to stay informed with the most up-to-date data and trends from Realtor professionals to make informed decisions in this dynamic environment.

Our stats infographics include a year over year comparison and area highlights for single family homes broken down by county. We encourage you to share these infographics and video with your sphere.

For more stats information, pdfs and graphics of our stats including detailed information by county, visit the Resources section on our website at DFW Area Real Estate Statistics | Republic Title of Texas.

For the full report from the Texas A&M Real Estate Research Center, click here. For NTREIS County reports click here.

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